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C-Bus Integration

C-Bus is Australia’s number one home automation and lighting control system … but what is it all about?

With a conventional electrical system in a home or building, each light switch can only operate the light that it is physically connected to. While this may seem like a practical solution, it is actually very limiting, because once it is wired, it can never be changed to do anything other than controlling that or those particular light/lights.

With C-Bus everything is wired back to a central point, where they are connected to either "dimmers” (for lights) or "relays” (for blinds, curtains, irrigation, ceiling fans, air conditioning etc).

These dimmers and relays are then connected around the home or building to all of the wall switches, as well as any touch screens, or even sensors that detect light levels and/or movement if so desired.

Here's the really good part: Any button, on any switch, can control anything that you want it to! That's right, you can have the system configured however you would like. That means you can decide to operate lights, from anywhere that you wish. Better still, you can set up "scenes" that turn a group of lights on, off, or to a particular level to create instant ambience.

And remembering that C-Bus controls more than just lights, this could include opening or closing of blinds or windows, adjusting temperature levels, operating pool or spa pumps, arming an alarm system, or even turning on music in up to 8 different zones with a C-Bus Multi Room Audio System.

Imagine an "all off" scene that closes all of the blinds and windows, fades down music, turns on the alarm system, then gently dims down all of the lights – all with the press of a single button.

The other good part about C-Bus is that lights and other devices can be set up to operate automatically according to scheduled dates and times, or even according to what is happening within the environment around them. This may include dimming up or down as the ambient light levels change throughout the day as well as sensors that detect whether the room is occupied or vacant, and turn off the area accordingly. These features alone could save significant amounts of electricity by simply making sure that lights are not left on or at higher levels when they are not needed.

The bottom line is this: C-Bus makes the most of your home or commercial environment by:

  • Simplifying the operation of lighting and technology by providing consistent and convenient control
  • Reducing energy consumption through unnecessary wastage by using sensors and automatic operation
  • Flexibility of changing the system at any time as your lifestyle or commercial needs change.